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Video Marketing services Bangalore

Youtube Marketing Services Bangalore

Video marketing service is using videos for marketing campaigns. Youtube marketing in Bangalore and all across India is one of the popular ways by which products/ services are promoted today. iBux, a video marketing agency in Bangalore, India, strengthens your marketing campaign with video marketing services that engages the audience and converts them into leads. We not only use video platforms like youtube but also marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We create captivating videos and share them across various platforms.

Types of marketing videos iBux offers:

  1. Demo Videos: Demo videos display how your videos work - giving the user a tour of your product or service.
  2. Brand Videos: Brand videos tries to build awareness about your brand that interests the customer to know about your company.
  3. Event Videos: In event videos, we inform the audience know whether your business is hosting a conference, round table discussion, fundraiser event, etc.
  4. Expert Interviews: We share interviews of the influencer and thought leaders from the industry, which increases the credibility of the company among the audience.
  5. Educational or How-To Videos: We make instructional videos that provide insight to the audience about your business and solutions.
  6. Explainer Videos: These videos explain to your audience why they need your product or service. With the help of a fictional video, we describe how your offering is providing a solution to a problem.
  7. Animated Videos: We use animated videos for explaining complicated and abstract services.
  8. Case Study and Customer Tutorial Videos: We create case study videos about your satisfied clients. It builds credibility for your service.
  9. Live Videos: We also create live videos that give a behind-the-scenes look at your company.
  10. 360 degree and virtual reality video: We create videos that let viewers scroll around the product with a 360-degree view.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube marketing is one of the most popular tools after google for video marketing service. With the evolution of youtube video promotion service, many companies are resorting to these services for promoting their brands.

Our Video Marketing Services

  iBux assists you with every aspect of video marketing services. We help you from scratch to the end in making an enchanting digital marketing video.

  • Professional video script
  • Consultation, designing, and filming of the video
  • Superior video production and consultation
  • Video graphic creation
  • SEO services on both youtube and website

You can rely on iBux for creating an effective video marketing service that will help you with lead generation, higher sales, and customer retention.

Video marketing services Bangalore

Video Marketing Solutions

iBux, as a reliable video marketing agency, makes the best videos for youtube marketing and other platforms. A good video should not be more than three minutes duration for profile videos, and it should be less than sixty seconds for ads. The following types of videos are a must for your marketing plan:

  • Differentiators: What makes your products and services stand apart from the competitors.
  • Guarantees: Guarantees can convert viewers into customers.
  • Testimonials: As mentioned above, testimonials increase the credibility of your services and encourage viewers to go for the product or service.
  • Company History: Including information about the history of the company
  • Call to action: Having links in the videos to the pages to which you want the viewers to visit will increase the probability of them subscribing to that offering.
  • How-to-videos: Such videos earn the most attention on youtube.

Need for multiple online videos

When you add videos to the websites, and other social media profiles increase viewers, strengthens the credibility and convert visitors into customers. Moreover, creating online videos is a cost-effective way to improve your website and effectively display your products or services to the customers. iBux ensures that you have a strong presence in social media by creating videos that appeal to the audience with eye-catching video and content.

Businesses are now relying more on videos rather than plain texts to reach out to the audience.

The reasons being:
  • Google is the number one platform for displaying marketing videos. Videos have the highest probability of ranking higher in comparison to plain text.
  • Youtube marketing service is the second most prominent website for video marketing services. Companies are relying on it to promote their offerings.
  • Visitors likely spend more time on websites with videos. It is another reason for companies investing time and money on making engaging videos.
  • Videos help in creating brand awareness and increase the trust factor among your targeted audience.
Video marketing services Bangalore

iBux’s team of professionals expertise in

  • Scripting
  • Pre-production
  • On-site shooting
  • Editing and post-production
  • Video graphic creation
  • Youtube marketing
  • Videos SEO
  • And more