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The world is banking on how individuals market themselves and their services. With the onset of the Internet, global outreach is just a click away. Reach out or be lost is the new mantra. You would be wondering about how you can be an effective marketer. Read on!.

SEM demystified

iBUX approach to effective SEM

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a strategy which when effectively executed, can work wonders. SEM works particularly well when using pay per click or PPC services. iBUX strives to provide the best search engine marketing services, while keeping competitive prices. If you are looking forward for PPC services in Bangalore, iBUX provides a comprehensive set.

iBUX provides an innovative search engine marketing strategy that can be highlighted as -
  • Promoting the client’s new services and products
  • Encouraging leads and augmenting sales
  • Increasing healthy traffic rate to the client’s websites
  • Building a robust brand identity through increased awareness.
  • Customizing PPC services to meet the requirements of clients.

  • A diligent effort to increase brand awareness while placing the client as a market leader.

  • Break the traditional approach by first analyzing customer requirements before planning an execution strategy.

  • A detailed set of offerings not limited to - SEO, PPC, local audience survey and social media presence.

  • A hardcore emphasis given to gainful return-on-investment (ROI).

  • Purposeful study of factors like consideration, evaluation, interest, intent and awareness. .

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Certified with expertise in bid management and campaign strategies.

  • An effective strategy to minimize wasted clicks.

  • An active effort to keep the workforce up-to-date with the latest technological paradigms.

To define SEM strategy

What iBUX offers as part of its innovative game plan

There are practical studies which indicate that almost three-fourths of users never drift from the first search engine result page. This should give you a clear indication of the importance of first-page traffic. To help you in your endeavor, iBUX offers the following course of action - .

  • SEM services in Bangalore, India are cpagesed with effective campaign strategies.
  • An effective action plan to mine high-converting keywords.
  • Game plan to test conversion and response rates.
  • An access to advanced set of tools to track campaigns.
PPC services
iBUX PPC services defined at length

Leveraging the PPC services iBUX has to offer

Search engine marketing can be classified into free and paid campaigns. While iBUX offers both of them, the modus operandi of PPC adopted by iBUX deserves a highlight. In a nutshell, iBUX scales pages its competitors by featuring -

  • A healthy recommendation to clients for boosting ad quality.
  • Defining to the client the importance of Ad Rank.
  • This factor includes Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Quality Score.
  • Suggestions on building alluring ad copy and keyword relevance.

iBUX approach to PPC campaigns

Explaining how iBUX manages its PPC campaigns

Just as important as creating a campaign, it is equally important to follow-up and maintain the campaign. Some key drivers where iBUX engages with the client towards an effective PPC campaign maintenance are -

  • Keeping the list of PPC keywords updated.
  • Such keywords are relevant to the company’s business.
  • A focus on keywords not directly related to the search.
  • An endeavor to segregate the main advertisement into smaller, more accessible ad groups.
  • iBUX works synchronously with the client to regularly review under-performing keywords.
A take on prominent SEM tools

Which tools does iBUX use to savor success

SEM tools are the gateway to success for ad runners. There are numerous tools which can be broadly categorized into -

  • Competitive keyword research tools
  • AdWords Tools
  • Budget estimation tools
  • Conventional keyword research tools
  • Bid management and PPC campaign management tools.
  • Keyword grouping and generation tools
  • A/B testing tools

While iBUX houses a comprehensive approach towards SEM tools, software that is pronounced could be enlisted as below -

  • Competitive keyword research tools
    • KeywordSpy
    • SEMrush
AdWords Tools
  • Google AdWords
  • SEOBook
Budget estimation tools
  • Google AdWords Display Planner
  • CPC ROI Calculator
Conventional keyword research tools
  • Wordtracker
  • SpeedPPC
PPC campaign management tools
  • AdWords Editor
  • WordStream
Keyword generation tools
  • Keyword Combiner
  • Keyword Wrapper

Discussing the future roadmap of SEM from iBUX viewpoint-

While the future has in store many evolving innovations, the three main focus areas for iBUX could be summarized as -

  • Voice based interactions: With consumers resorting to easier ways to search, voice based interactions with machines is set to rise
  • Omnipresent searches - Search options are expected to rise in numerous ways and devices. Catering to ubiquitous search would be a focus area for iBUX.
  • Commercial growth - SEM in digital marketing is orienting towards commercial offerings. Paid campaigns would slowly change the ad use cases.

The other technological trend worth a mention is visual search. There are apps which use the mobile device camera to search for products. iBUX is knee deep into such innovations and keen to explore more. The only limiting factor to visual search is the preparation of a visual dictionary. With such a database in place, iBUX would also join the bandwagon.