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Email Marketing Services Bangalore

Email Marketing Design

Email marketing services are much more than just composing a draft, adding a list of contacts, and clicking the send button. There are umpteen of hurdles one will come across like privacy concerns, permission constraints, difficulty managing swamp of mails. iBux specializes in providing solutions for all these concerns with a unique email marketing strategy for individual businesses. iBux offers unrivaled email marketing services in Bangalore and all across India.

Email Marketing Services Bangalore

Differentiators that iBux is offering in its email marketing services:

  • iBux strives to manage relationships between business and client better; acquire new leads and augment sales.
  • Our team of skilled professionals firstly tries to target your target audience.
  • We then launch an email campaign that focuses on the promotion of your brand and product/service.
  • The email is sent directly to the inbox of the target audience.
  • We endeavor through our email marketing services bangalore to strive to obtain responses from the target audience in the shortest possible time.
  • The information obtained provides insight for taking corrective actions, thereby improving the efficacy of the email campaign.
  • An email marketing design strategy that worked for one business does not necessarily work for another.
  • We also make the mailing list go through our intelligent filters that heighten the probability of success of the email campaign.

  • A diligent effort to increase brand awareness while placing the client as a market leader.

  • Break the traditional approach by first analyzing customer requirements before planning an execution strategy.

  • A detailed set of offerings not limited to - SEO, PPC, local audience survey and social media presence.

  • A hardcore emphasis given to gainful return-on-investment (ROI).

  • iBux enables the bridge between you and the customer by providing intensive email marketing services bangalore.

  • We assist in differentiating computer-generated email addresses from human-generated email addresses.

  • We correct mistakes in domain names, and email address format..

  • We also make the mailing list go through our intelligent filters that heighten the probability of success of the email campaign.

  • An effective strategy to minimize wasted clicks.

  • An active effort to keep the workforce up-to-date with the latest technological paradigms.

Essentials of a successful email campaign

For the success of an email campaign, it is imperative to have a robust email marketing design strategy. There might be many factors that your email campaign is lacking due to which it is not able to make the impact that we expect out of it. There might have been instances where you have sent emails to the clients and have not received any response from them. You don't even know whether or not they have checked the email or deleted it even without going through it.

However, before delving into what are the guidelines for an effective email campaign, let us see what the different types of emails are:
Types of emails
  • Marketing emails: These are informational or promotional emails that are sent to the audiences for keeping them updated. Marketing emails include diverse content, but mostly contains newsletters, sales promotions, announcements, press release, follow-ups, and surveys.
  • Transactional emails: These are automated emails and are activated by the activities of the customers. A few examples of transactional emails are order tracking, received payments, registration confirmation, etc.
  • Operational emails: These are informative emails about your business that provides information about your business, such as maintenance plans, holiday closures, or changes to your service availability.
Email Marketing Services Bangalore

How iBux assists in making an email campaign successful:

  • Building your subscriber list: iBux suggests some of the useful tips for increasing your subscriber list and relentlessly make efforts in this regard. iBux adds a subscriber form on your homepage, blog page, and everywhere else so that more subscribers can be garnered in the already existing list.
  • Coax response from readers: We encourage the leads and clients to reply to the emails by making it irresistible, interactive, and useful for the readers. An email blast is not always a viable option for targeting a diverse audience.
  • Keeping your emails away from spam folders: We carefully construct emails by taking into account the spam filter used by a particular client, so that the email can pass to the inbox without getting flagged.
  • Keeping your emails clean and crisp: We keep the audience interested by using short paragraphs, using bullet points for readers to glide through the content and make important points, and inserting images in the email to make it more captivating.
  • Including links that promote a call to action: iBux strives to increase traffic to your website by incorporating links with visually striking buttons that invite the viewers to take action.
  • Testing: iBux being a reliable email marketing design agency, ensures that the emails are presented to the clients the way you want them to be.
  • We test it on various platforms and try to get the most out of the email campaign.