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Domain and hosting services

Domain Registration

Domains play a pivotal role in promoting your business. It is the address or URL of the website that people type into the web browser for visiting your website. If you take your house as your website, then the domain name is the address. The domain acts as a business identifier and differentiator.

We know that the internet is a giant network of computers. To identify them, each has been assigned an IP address. An IP address is a group of numbers separated with dots. Computers can easily recognise these numbers. However, it is difficult for humans to remember domain names through numbers.

We at iBUX, assist you in finding a perfect domain. You can purchase that domain and have it transferred wherever and whenever you want. We strive to make your domain easily accessible for augmenting traffic to your website.

Domain and hosting services bangalore

Domain and hosting services bangalore

Hosting Services

Web hosting, as the name implies, is like a house where all your web files reside. If you consider domain as the address, then web hosting is the actual house that address is for. All websites on the internet require web hosting.

When someone enters your domain name on the web browser, the domain gets interpreted into the IP address of your company’s web hosting computer. The computer contains all the files of your website. The data then gets sent to the users’ browsers.

We at iBux specialize in storing and serving websites. We have an array of offers regarding hosting. We strive to make your website accessible globally. At present, we are offering shared hosting. Soon, we will provide dedicated hosting to our patrons.