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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses all your Marketing efforts to make your brand presence online using all digital mediums primarily including Search Engines, Social Media, Blogs. With internet access readily available to everyone, online sales and marketing are reaching new heights every second and it's mandatory to make yourself available online to your customers.

I am a Small Business Owner Do I need Digital Marketing?

1. Drive Sales Online

If you are a business owner and have reached the saturation limits of your Local Market, then its time to extend your business and look beyond the horizons. People outside your region are waiting for you and your wonderful products.

2. Reach everyone

Customers are steadily looking for better products and your product can be the best fit for them but you can't always grasp everyone with your physical stores but you can with the help of Online Marketing.

3. Your Competitors are Online

Is your competition advancing at unprecedented speed? When you will take a glance at your competitors you will understand that online presence has made them more accessible to their customers. Now is the prime time for your business to appear online.

Now that you are certain to make your presence online but are not sure where to start? We are here to advise you. iBux business Solution thrives to make our customers maintain the integrity of their business and present their business on the horizons of the internet so your business accomplishes everything you deserve.

Why should you choose iBux services?

iBux Business solutions offer premium Digital Marketing services in Jaipur and all over india, we commit to our customers to make their business omnipresent on the internet and help them drive sales through Online Medium.

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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to optimizing your sites for search engine organic rankings. We devise perfect SEO strategy to align with your marketing needs. We optimize your site to drive your business among the top results on Search engines.

  • ✔ On-Page Optimization for researched Keywords.
  • ✔ Authoritative Link building.
  • ✔ Analytics to measure growth.
search engine optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM refers to driving traffic by targeting the audience through the paid and unpaid methods through Search Engines. Paid Marketing includes creating ad campaigns and adverts to target the audience to drive sales and traffic to your website.

  • ✔ Keyword Research
  • ✔ Audience Research
  • ✔ Advertisement Campaigns
search engine Marketing

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

With the rise of social media and increasing presence, social media has proved to be a leading source to derive sales and enhance growth. Engage your customers through astounding graphics and offers on various social media.

  • ✔ Creating and managing Social Media Accounts
  • ✔ Creating content
  • ✔ Engaging the Audience
search Media optimization

Content Marketing

Blogs have been the influential customer attraction used by businesses to drive sales since the inception of the internet and this hasn't altered much. We create Content Marketing strategy pertaining to your marketing needs and help to make a presence on your niche audience.

  • ✔ Creating Blogs
  • ✔ Creating content for engagement
  • ✔ Driving leads.
Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Our Marketing team creates Email campaigns that promise to deliver successful lead generation and astonishing open rates to align perfectly with your marketing necessities.

  • ✔ Creating Email Campaigns
  • ✔ Optimizing Emails
  • ✔ Generating Leads
Email Marketing

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