iX Codage(Type-C)

MRP : ₹  899
Price : ₹ 399
You Save: ₹ 500 (55%)
    • Special type-C cable made with high quality material. Provides great performance and fast data transmission.
    • Made with high-quality stainless steel and extra-tough copper cable.
    • Complies with the Cengcengbaguan test-quality assurance.
    • The iBUX - iX CODAGE cable is compatible with most Android devices.
    • The product is made with TPE which comprises protective stainless-steel housing.

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  • Model: CB070

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Dual USB port charger with LED

    iBUX - iX Codage is a high-quality Type-C data cable. Metal housing woven patterned body finishing makes it durable and long-lasting. It is assembled using a pure copper core, which does not get heated while using. You can easily insert and remove the cable without damaging the connector.

    • Beautifully designed high quality fast charging data cable, available in Type C.
    • Provides better performance and fast data transmission even when the USB is connected to computer’s USB port.
    • High-precision metal material which passed the Cengcengbaguan test-Quality assurance.
    • High quality TPE material which provides reliability and safety while charging with wear resistant properties.
    • The cable is made with pure copper core and does not get heated up.
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