iX Quad

MRP : ₹  2,999
Price : ₹ 1499
You Save: ₹ 1500 (50%)
    • The wireless charger offers universal voltage compatibility (100-240V 50/ 60Hz 0.5A).
    • Be at an advantage with 4 USB ports to meet your charging needs.
    • Powerful wireless output combined with the capability to charge 4 devices via USB port.
    • Be assured of 100% safety with BIS certification.
    • Stay protected from high temperature, over voltage, overcharge, and short circuit.

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  • Model: PC528

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Dual USB port charger with LED

    iBUX - iX Quad is a high-speed wireless charger. It is lightweight and portable. iBUX - iX Quad wireless charger delivers the fastest charge and works with all Qi-enabled devices. It has a polymer core battery that complies with ten safety protection standards. Be amazed by a modern wireless charger and power up your needs without wires.

    • The Charger is compatible with all devices and wireless charging is enabled for wireless supported mobile devices.
    • iX-Quad comes with a Wireless charging pad along with 4 USB ports to meet the charging demand.
    • The charger is enabled with overvoltage and overcharging protection.
    • Charging and breathing lamp at the same time.
    • The charger is short circuit protected and enables fast charging in all ports.
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