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Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. Perhaps there would be no other innovation that has captured the imagination as apps. Mobile apps are robust, easy to install, and versatile. The entire power of the Internet is in the palm of the user’s hands. However, there are some best practices when designing mobile apps. Faulty apps can lead to adverse situations.

In this discussion, we will take a look at some of the apps that have mesmerized the masses. These apps garner appreciation for their intuitive interface and robust performance. Mobile apps get segregated according to the domain they are best suited. We will discuss typical sections like Music and Video, Office suites, Social Media, and Music, and Audio.

The top Android apps that were recommended to users in 2020 include Google Pay, Zomato, Google Find My Device, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, CamScanner, Spotify, Nova Launcher, Bumble, Hulu, and Google Translate. Roughly more than a hundred thousand apps are released in the Play Store every month with the number of downloads estimated at 250 million.

The organic rise of mobile apps

The development of mobile apps took its own sweet time. Ever since the dawn of the Internet, cutting-edge research was underway in cloud applications. People recognized the need to have a central server as a storage medium. Industries well understood that either platform, infrastructure, or app could be a service.

Big enterprises pooled in significant capital towards research and development. However, it was only until the late 21st century that apps gained recognition as a boon for humanity. Ever since, there has been no looking back, and apps have reached the next level. Today, we almost find it impossible to live without apps. Navigation to food services, all are app-based.

A review of mobile apps as per their uses

There are a multitude of apps available in Google and Apple stores. However, be wary that not all apps are either secure or useful. There are even some nasty apps designed for malicious purposes. You must use your judgment to read reviews before seriously considering a mobile app. Hopefully, the study we present to you below opens up your mind for creative thinking.

Essential apps that we virtually cannot do without

  • Facebook: Perhaps there would be no person ignorant of Facebook and the impact it has created. Facebook offers the best service to stay connected with friends and acquaintances. We can message friends and stay up to date with the latest happenings.
  • WhatsApp: In par with Facebook is WhatsApp, another mobile app that we find indispensable. WhatsApp has changed the way we communicate with friends and family members. What’s more, is the availability of groups that provide a system for broadcasting.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a significant app for video streaming. People get hooked on YouTube, which they use to access the latest happenings. Be it the latest news or entertainment, YouTube has captured hearts, and much is in store.

Movies and Video

  • Netflix: Netflix changed the way people watch and enjoy movies or TV shows. With a generous subscription, people could watch the latest and greatest. Netflix also allows creative development of low-budget films that are visually advanced.
  • Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime almost works on the same model as Netflix. Amazon Prime also offers TV shows and movies. You must note that there are a host of movie streaming applications. You must exercise your discretion to go for a good one.

Music and Audio

  • Spotify: Spotify offers music streaming scaled at the next level. With access to almost unheard of genres, Spotify’s services are both free and commercial.


  • The Guardian: The Guardian is one of the world’s best newspapers. Offering in UK, US, and International editions, The Guardian merit appreciation for its crisp and precise reporting.
  • Flipboard: Flipboard introduced a new way of reporting news. By capturing the reader’s attention with engaging tiles, Flipboard does the dual job of news reporting and entertainment.
  • Microsoft News: This app is equally well-noted for its comprehensive news aggregation.


  • ESPN: If you are a sports buff, ESPN is one of the best apps to catch up on the latest action. Be it cricket, football or tennis, you name it, and ESPN has got it.

Social Media

  • Instagram: With engaging pictures and videos, capturing many hearts, Instagram soon became viral for its uncanny ability. Instagram is the go-to app to project yourself with imagery.
  • Twitter: With well-written content ruling people’s minds, Twitter became the hotspot to share ‘tweets’ and stay current. News updates, tech updates, and even traffic updates are a part of a Twitter enthusiast.


  • Google Play Books: Google Play Books introduced a new way to satisfy your thirst for literature. With books that are offered as either free or paid, your choices get cradled in your repository. Through providing a convenient way, book flipping is made truly enjoyable.
  • Kindle: Kindle brought the notion of reading on machines in sync with the feel of paper. Since the electronic screen introduces strain while reading, Kindle’s philosophy holds good. Kindle is available as a device or as an app.


  • Medium: Medium is a scholarly blog for information dissemination. Anyone can post blogs that get read the world over. However, the blogs go through a process of moderation which evaluates the quality. Blogs failing to meet stipulations get rejected.


  • Steam: Steam distribution maintains its stand as one of the most widely used gaming platforms. With the availability of different operating systems, Steam rules-the-roost when it comes to game distribution.


  • Khan Academy: The Khan Academy app offers a breathtaking approach to tutor-based learning. This app bolsters the student’s knowledge of academic subjects.
  • Sololearn: With coding becoming a fast necessity, Sololearn provides a fun and easy way to catch up with many programming languages.

Finances and money

  • Walnut: If you are particular about your expenses and do not want mismanagement, Walnut would help you in your endeavor. The Walnut app provides a comprehensive expense tracking with the provision to keep a tab on multiple bank accounts.


Mobile apps have changed the landscape of technology. While it may sound complicated, there is no inherent sophistication in mobile apps. As a smart user, you must keep abreast of the latest trends and make the optimum use of apps. Almost all day-to-day activities are becoming app-based. Booking your gas or renting a bike, the list goes on. Stay sharp!

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