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Rising fintech trends

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A steady availability of finance is the concern of every responsible individual. When we plan for our future, we strive to be economically prosperous. We leverage every tool we possess to guarantee a secure destiny for our children. This concern is the flow of life, and to facilitate this concern, many financial instruments have spawned.

With the onset of the digital age, the emphasis on cashless transactions has risen exponentially. The cash-free development is, without a doubt, beneficial considering the cash crunch faced by nations. In this discussion, we will analyze the modern trends evolving in the realm of financial technology (fintech). With this insight, you would be rendered useful in your finances.

The rise of fintech

Financial technology has reached greater heights only in the recent past. From time immemorial, people have struggled with the barter system before establishing currencies. As times progressed, human life became harder than ever. We now have to plan our entire living expenses.

If we take our expenses lightly, there is always a chance that we would end up in a financial turmoil. To ease financial complexities, digital financial instruments are today’s hot topics of research. The digital age has brought in a revolution where every person is connected to the Internet and facilitated with a global outreach.

Modern fintech trends that are evolving

We will consider some trends that are currently in vogue. In the future, we may come across more developments, and we would be obligated to adopt them. We must give up viewing financial technologies as an impediment. On the contrary, we must appreciate the productivity gain introduced by such solutions.

Our approach is to give you an idea into the arising trends. The enlisted technologies may not be exhaustive. The idea is to enable you to gain a keen eye and start exploring more. This is the process to be enterprising and make an attempt to stand on one’s feet.

  • Digital banking and payments: Established banks around the world are aligning their services towards automation. The approach is such that people are almost not required to visit their nearest banks. They could fulfill all their banking needs at the click of a button. The convenience is all thanks to digital wallets.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): An endeavor to mimic human intelligence is the goal of machine learning. AI builds on the concept of data modeling. By sifting through tons of data and creating a model, we can gain more significant insights during contingencies. Our ability to make ideal decisions could potentially save millions of dollars and resources.
  • Block chain: Having a decentralized mechanism wherein there is no need for a central mediator has been studied for a decade. The block chain provides an immutable ledger where all the peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions are recorded.
  • Mobile payments: The rise of mobile devices brought in yet another revolution and a novel way to make payments. With the speed of mobile data reaching its fifth-generation (5G), we can expect breathtaking financial developments.
  • Automation in fintech: Automation in fintech is closely related to the block chain. There is a concept in block chain called smart contracts. The smart contracts are binding protocols that execute at the right intervals to facilitate transactions or thwart a breach of trust. Currently, they are in a nascent stage and would mature in the future.


There would be nobody who would not have used fintech. The financial miracle that technology brings in has advantages that far outweigh the disadvantages. However, being complacent about the demerits must be avoided. There are many loopholes in digital finance, and active awareness of such missteps is a must for a dynamic citizen.

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