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To look trendy, we must build awareness of fashion. There is no better way to stay updated than magazines. Magazines go a step ahead of newspapers in their reporting since they collate topics that are trending. Likewise, for fashion, some world-renowned magazines inform the reader of the latest fashion tips.

To kindle your imagination, consider the following quote – 

‘Beauty with character ages better than perfection.’

This discussion is an endeavor to convey some of the best magazines focussed on fashion. Note that there are a host of other magazines that you may find suited to your purpose. The idea is to enable you to discover the essentials yourself. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you would certainly find the below collection indispensable.

The first issue of the Vogue Magazine was published in 1892. The first issues covered social customs and reviews of books, plays, and music. It was later changed into a fashion magazine. Elle magazine also serves as a shopping guide for designer clothing, jewelry, and beauty accessories. The annual Elle Style Awards honor the world’s most stylish celebrities. 

Top fashion magazines of the world

Vogue: Vogue is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine covering aspects of fashion, beauty, culture, and living. The name Vogue means style in French. Vogue was once recognized as one of the world’s most influential fashion magazines. The magazine has garnered millions of readers both locally and worldwide.

Elle: Elle is a renowned French-based lifestyle magazine. The magazine focuses on parameters like fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Elle means ‘she’ or ‘her’ in French. Elle is recognized as the world’s largest fashion magazine. Elle features 46 international editions in over 60 countries.

Harper’s Bazaar: Harper’s Bazaar is a US based monthly women’s fashion magazine. The magazine can be described as a sophisticated and chic source for fashion trends. The magazine is also recognized as America’s first fashion magazine.

Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan is an international fashion and lifestyle magazine. The magazine is to cater to women. The magazine that was formerly titled The Cosmopolitan. The magazine was first published and distributed as a family magazine and later transformed into a women’s magazine.

W: W is an American fashion magazine published by Future Media Group in print and digital formats. W features stories about style through the looking glass of culture, fashion, art, celebrity, and film. The magazine often attracted criticism due to some provocative articles.

InStyle: InStyle is a monthly women’s fashion magazine. Besides advertising, the magazine offers articles about beauty, fashion, home, entertainment, philanthropy and lavish lifestyles. After originating in the US, the magazine has presence in over 16 countries like Australia, Germany, Brazil, Greece, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Romania, and Russia.

Allure: Allure is a US based women’s magazine focused on beauty. Allure primarily covers fashion, and women’s health. Allure was the first women’s magazine to write about the health risks associated with silicone implants and has reported on other debatable health issues.

Numéro: Numéro is an international fashion magazine. It has a circulation numbering 80,000 and the French edition reached its 100th issue more than a decade ago. The magazine covers international fashion, beauty, design, health, architecture, and decor, as well as renowned celebrities.

V: V magazine is an American fashion magazine published during the turn of the twenty-first century. The magazine is printed in specific seasons and highlights trends in fashion, film, music, and art. A men’s fashion quarterly entitled VMAN started in 2003.

Grazia: Grazia is a weekly women’s magazine that took roots in Italy. The magazine commands presence in countries including Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, India, Macedonia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Pakistan, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Grazia means grace in Italian.

Marie Claire: Marie Claire is an international monthly magazine first published in France followed by the UK. Since then various editions have been published in many countries and languages. The feature editions focus on women around the world and several worldwide issues. 

Vanity Fair: Vanity Fair is a monthly magazine of lifestyle, fashion, and current affairs published in the US. The first version of Vanity Fair was published more than a century ago and lasted nearly two decades. The publication was revived and currently includes five international editions.


We hope that we were able to fulfill your search for the best magazines aimed at fashion. We also hope that you would be rendered effective to look sharp. We recommend that you must stay focused on your interests to make a style statement. With such an approach, there is absolutely no doubt that you would leave an indelible mark in the fashion world.

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