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The evolution of online gaming

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Since ancient times, games have been one of the prime sources of entertainment. Before the arrival of the internet and smartphones into the picture, gaming was possible only after installing it into the computer. Only offline games were available and most of the time we had to play as a single player.

With the easy availability of the internet and an increase in the sale of smartphones, online gaming has become a burgeoning business. Today, a wide range of online games are available in the market-from baby games to adult games and shooting games to dress up games. Games are available according to the age and preferences of the buyers.

The online gaming industry has evolved a long way and has proliferated in an unprecedented way. Incorporation of Some cutting-edge and amazing innovations have transformed the gaming experience of the users. 

Online gaming

Online gaming is what the name implies-playing games over the internet. The games are played as solo or multiplayers, both computers, and smartphones. Online gaming has revolutionized the gaming industry by enabling users to play games anywhere anytime. Gamers can enjoy multiple genres, depending on their preference and age. The games consist of both complex visuals and text-based displays. These games are captivating and addictive, which sometimes results in criticism due to the violence present in them. However, some study suggests playing games enhance your cognitive skills and benefits the users physically and mentally.

History of online gaming

Between the 1940s to 1960s, game development picked pace, and during that period, many games came into the market. The popularity of games began to rise in that period. Computers played a significant role in connecting people by facilitating networking. Initially, games were played only on computers. However, the years between 1960-1990, the gaming industry witnessed unprecedented growth. A variety of people could enjoy online games because it is cheaper compared to offline games. Due to this, online games grew over the years.

Innovations in online gaming

There has been a tremendous advancement in online gaming in the past century with technological innovations. The gaming experience has become better with the incorporation of the latest technologies. Below mentioned are some of the technological advancements that have revolutionized the gaming industry.

  1. Facial control: Games can now be controlled facially. The facial control software can replicate the player in the game. It will make the game more realistic. The player will feel that he is inside the video game thereby providing a unique experience.
  2. Voice-based controlling feature: It is one of the upcoming features to be integrated into gaming technology. Voice recognition feature will let the users control the game through voice commands. Once the voice input gets fed, it gets accepted instantly. It will assist in making the game experience more comfortable and enjoyable for the users. 
  3. Gesture Sensors: Sensors are essential components that augment user experience. Now games can be controlled with the help of sensors. It will delight the gamers-making gaming exciting.
  4. Graphical Innovations: Today, online games enabled with high definition graphics took the gaming experience to the next level. Gamers are offered with a realistic virtual representation of our world in the games they play.
  5. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality has pervaded every domain, and the gaming industry is no exception. Through virtual reality, a gamer gets surrounded by a gaming atmosphere. It provides an unparalleled experience.
  6. Multiplayer options: Online gaming provides the user the opportunity to play and interact with other players across the world. It lets people enjoy the game with family and friends-enhancing gaming experience.
  7. 3D Visuals: 3D visuals and high definition resolution create a virtual world around the users. It lets them taste the real essence of online gaming.
  8. Portability: A person can enjoy the game anywhere thanks to the feature of portability that comes with devices like smartphones.

Online gaming industry

The online gaming industry, like any other industry in the entertainment market, has witnessed exponential growth. It is rapidly growing and expected to continue flourishing in the coming years. For marketers, it is a lucrative industry for earning money by providing exceptional gaming experience to the players.


The gaming industry has taken a giant leap in terms of growth. This trend will continue in years to come, especially with the coming of AI into the picture. Games with modern technologies will keep flooding the market and continue to delight the users.


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