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Your Guide to Backlinks

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What are backlinks? How to do backlinking? What is a backlink in SEO? How do they strengthen your SEO strategy? What are the ways to get more backlinks? These are probably some of the questions that might have been perturbing you. Developing quality backlinks is arduous and is crucial for a robust SEO strategy. With this blog, I will try to acquaint you with backing and would suggest ways to utilize backlinking for optimizing your SEO.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the sites that are linked to your website. For example, when another website links to any of the pages on your website, you get a backlink.

Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinking is a crucial SEO strategy that marketers all around the world rely on. When a reputable and renowned website use links of your webpages on their website, it increases the credibility of your site. As more such websites get linked with your webpages, it will increase the probability of your website getting ranked higher on the search engines. It will augment the website's traffic, visibility, and conversion.

Ways of getting backlinks

By utilizing some of the best SEO strategies, you can create the best backlinks for your pages. Below mentioned are some of them:

  1. Take help from partners: One of the easiest ways of creating backlinks is to ask the partners and other business associates to add links to your web pages on their website. The likelihood that they will do so is higher as they are in business with you. It could prove to be beneficial for you, especially if they have a good number of partners.
  2. Integrating a long-form content: You should ensure that there is at least one page on the website that should have quality content. The page should have a fixed URL and be available all round the year. It should have great and useful materials. Contents should never be created just for the sake of creating them. They should provide value to the users.  
  3. Writing quality: Writing engaging contents are an effective way of generating backlinks. Having blogs on your website that are well-written, properly structured, relevant to the industry, and valuable to the readers will make readers refer to your site. If the content on your blog is providing value to the readers, your readership will increase, which will help in raising your backlinks.
  4. Guest Posting: This is also about developing good content. The only difference is those content will be uploaded to other websites. Some websites allow you to post your content to their sites. Those websites will have a link on their page that will direct the audience to your website. But there are some guidelines that you should note before you go for guest posting:
    a. The website or blog which will upload the content provided by you should be relevant to the linked page.
    b. The contents should be absorbing, relevant, intriguing, and useful.
    c. The content should be realistic and should not deceive the readers.

5) Usage of broken links: Broken links from other websites could be used for backlinking by pointing it to a page on your website. This technique can only be applied if the website owner finds your content useful, and it is on the same topic. Only if the website editor finds that your content is valuable enough to replace the present page then only they will consider it. It will help the website in fixing its errors, and in return, you will get an extra backlink. 

But one of the hindrances to achieving this is to find out the broken link. For this, some SEO tools could come to your aid like Siteliner and Ahrefs, which assists you in finding out the backlink. Once you have identified the websites that you need to target, put the URL on one of these tools. But one thing that should be kept in mind while constructing the email is to make it concise and yet friendly. The focus should not only be on acquiring a backlink but also to add value through your content.

These are a few tips and tricks that will help you in getting backlinks and at the same time, enhance the quality of your content.

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