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The rising popularity of voice based interaction

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Newer techniques to interact with machines is a well-researched field. Voice search has become popular with the advent of Google. Voice search in Google applies to not only mobile devices but also personal assistants like the ones manufactured by Amazon and Google. Voice- based interaction reduces the effort needed to type while also promoting efficiency.

Voice search is the ultimate in efficient human-computer interaction. Unless technology evolves wherein humans can use their thoughts to convey data to computers, there can be nothing superior. We will discuss the growth of this exciting avenue and inform you what you need to do to optimize your content.

There are some interesting facts that you would appreciate. In the next three years, voice-based shopping is expected to reach 40 billion U.S. dollars. The best selling product during the holiday season of 2018 was Amazon Echo Dot. Voice-based systems are reaching a level of personal connection with a substantial majority of people expressing the feeling.

Why the need for voice-based input

There are key advantages to having voice-based interactions with a device. Speaking out is much easier compared to typing a task. Such productivity gains were carefully studied, and human-computer communication via speech evolved. For instance, consider map navigation, it is much easier to speak out a destination rather than typing it.

Machine recognition of human speech was a topic studied for almost three centuries. However, only with the advent of modern computing did voice input became a carefully researched topic. Initially, the voice-based systems were very elementary and lacked practical usability. With many technological giants pitching in, such solutions became efficient.

Some key statistics related to voice search

Some impressive statistics would give you a clear picture of the increasing demand for voice interaction. We have endeavoured to share a few key highlights.

Daily users of voice search: 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search daily.

Users of voice search using Google engine: The number of voice searches in engines amounts to 20%.

The rise of voice search: In the last decade, voice search has grown by a factor of 35.

Percentage of Windows 10 desktop search using voice: 25% of all Windows 10 desktop searches is voice-based.

Percentage of all voice searches by 2020: In the coming year, 50% of all searches would be voice-based.

Optimizing content to suit voice search

The concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in voice-based systems also. Such innovative systems must return ideal search results to natural language. For instance, if a user asks “Can I pay my electricity bill using credit card”, the virtual assistant must be able to return the most relevant answer.

The question arises how to tune content written primarily to handle typed queries also help in voice searches. There are some basic principles which, when carefully implemented, can fulfil this requirement. You are encouraged to read widely on this subject since each discussion conveys valuable ideas. We have attempted to cover the best practices.

The approach is to study natural language keywords and intelligently integrate them into the web content. Avoid robotic phrases. There are several tools online which would help in this endeavour. There are some best practices, like keeping the first paragraph within thirty words and sprinkling keywords in a snippet. You must make your hands dirty with this effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

       1. Why are voice-based systems gaining prominence? In what domains can I expect to see them?

Voice-based systems are gaining prominence, mainly because they help in productivity gain. Users are spared a lengthy typing and can quickly convey their tasks to the device.

Voice-based systems are expected to disrupt many domains including Internet Of Things (IoT), logistics, home automation and much more.

      2. Can you give me a well-suited example of voice search which helps me save time?

The apt example would be map navigation. Instead of typing a tiring source and destination locations, you can speak out. Current voice recognition software can correctly interpret voice commands.

     3. Can you summarize the considerations during voice-based SEO?

You must note that to support SEO for voice-based systems, and you need to make a study on natural language keywords. There are a couple of portals like ‘answerthepublic.com’ which can help you.

Once keyword integration is in place, you must work on building your domain authority. With such steps, you will steadily build ranks to become a featured snippet. Please note that you must strive to research essential action items. Only a surface level endeavour would not help.

     4. Who are the key players in the voice-based search space? What are their products, and how are they doing in the market?

The technological giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google are vital competitors in leading voice-based systems. By leveraging machine learning or artificial intelligence, their products like Echo, Siri, Cortana and Google Voice Search have disrupted the industry.

    5. What is upcoming in voice recognition? Would there be marked offerings in the market?

The field of artificial intelligence is fast gaining pace to deliver personalized experiences. Artificial intelligence is being carefully researched to cater to voice-based systems. There will be no marked offerings in the future, and instead, the emphasis would be to fine-tune existing innovations.


Search with robotic phrases is giving away to natural and human interactivity with devices. With the statistics that we have shared, it must be clear that voice recognition is a topic that would continue to be studied. However, as a smart reader, you must not be overwhelmed by voice-based systems. They have their drawbacks like lack of security.

We must work on truly sound systems without being unnecessary. Search engine optimization aimed towards speech is fast gaining prominence. Professional websites take added care to achieve efficiency towards speech recognition. A healthy blend of the right technology and usability is the need of the hour.

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