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Upcoming trends in Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is a vast field with the potential to disrupt information delivery. Smart content writers are in demand to write quality content and attract traffic. With the Internet that has become a versatile tool to reach a global audience, effective content works as an add-on. The emphasis is on delivering concise content.

This discussion is to inform you of what is on the horizon in the next level of content writing. Content writers must not stick to being plain but adapt to various technologies. Content writers get hired for their ability to optimize content for search engine optimization (SEO). There are best practices in this field, like keyword stuffing and others. Let us dig right in!

The evolution of content writing

Written content which goes well with websites was not typical during the initial stages of the world wide web. There were no standards in place, and anyone could become a writer. The only best practice followed was to be aware of keywords and stuff them excessively. There was no concept of ranking, and the content was just right to provide the necessary information.

When the number of websites increased and offered more varieties like blogs, there were some restrictions as to which website would occupy higher places. With this consideration arose the system of search engine result page (SERP). The idea was that sites which hold more top positions in the results page were more likely to be visited.

When ranking established, many websites were demoted since they did not convey quality content. It was during this phase that it struck that not all could be competent writers. Search engines no longer tolerated written content without quality. Along with quality, there came several other parameters needed to rank better.

Instances where effective content writing has paid off

There are many success stories where large enterprises have made it significant using compelling content marketing. We will cover a few of them to convey the broader idea regarding how well-written material can be an advantage. These examples are not similar in their strategy to achieve excellent marketing via content, and there are key takeaways from them.

Coca Cola: Since there is cut-throat competition in soft drinks space, Coca Cola adopted a technique to use content effectively. By using written material to change customer perception, the company achieved success in a struggling industry.

Red Bull: The energy drink enterprise did something different to achieve gain using content marketing. Red Bull attracted attention by designing content aimed at activities that its patrons were engaged in. Many other enthusiasts who were interested in the same activities as their peers were drawn in to appreciate the content and promote Red Bull.

Expedia: To wrap up this section, Expedia’s approach to leverage content marketing was nothing short of exceptional. The travel major resorted to diversify their outreach through many avenues and not restrict to a simple plan. Expedia published infographics on popular portals and hired professional services to write guest articles. Their extra effort paid off!

Tools for effective content writing

There are some useful tricks of the trade that every professional content writer must know. Content marketing has evolved much beyond the bounds of quality content to both engage the reader and promote better ranking. An active awareness by an individual to keep updated to the latest trends would help them professionally.

Importance of research and keyword: A content marketer must sharpen their research skills. The ability to read between the lines and gather much information from concise snippets is a must. There are tools like BuzzSumo which provides information on which blogs have secured sizeable popularity. Likewise, sites like Google Trends provides information on keywords.

Future trends: The content marketing professional has to be aware of rising technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) that are taking over content writing. With more emphasis given to visual appeal, infographics are some of the charts that content writers must be comfortable with. With such varied skills, content writing can make an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is content writing receiving so much attention? When we have print media like brochures, journals, and newspapers, why online content is getting popular?

Effective content writing is getting attention because the written materials go through a Google screening process to get ranked. Since Google’s search engine ranks authoritative content, any inferior content is demoted to lower ranks. Such an advantage is not feasible in print media like brochures.

2. What should be my skill sets if I want to be a capable content writer?

To be a capable content writer, you must first have a good command of the language. Basic grammar and the ability to express ideas as written text is a must. As you grow, you must expand your knowledge to know the best practices like keywords, research, and graphic elements. You must express clearly and not make your content complex.

3. Can you give me more information on how AI can change content marketing?

AI is a field that a content marketer must keep an eye on. There are upcoming trends in AI like automatic content generation, which can create a sensible message without any human intervention. There are other areas like predictive intelligence, and overall AI is helping marketers be more productive.


The World Wide Web has opened up a new chapter where smart users sideline books and update their awareness dynamically. There are many skill sets that an active content marketing professional must know. If an individual does not update, there is every chance of losing out.

The future is bright for content marketing. Only the right diligence is required to make a mark in this field. The evolving technologies in content marketing are much beyond the scope to cover in a single blog post. However, AI is one such area that is fetching attention owing to its ingenuity. So put on your thinking cap and make the best use of this medium.

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